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Situated in the city center (at the foot of the Villafranca Castle), Molinari has 70 years under its belt. It's the type of place where you can indulge in the pleasure of a good coffee or a tasty breakfast at any time of day. The cappuccinos are also expertly brewed, and the choice of baked goods is varied and enticing. With their soft and fragrant dough, we recommend their croissants, but here the "sfoglia" take center stage. They're offered in a thousand different ways (try the obligatory Villafranca puff pastries—they're outstanding). Their traditional specialties, from the great classics to Santa Lucia peaches (their products can also be found in many shops in the Verona area and beyond) are always a sure bet. Their savory treats are also notable: tasty puff pastries with mixed vegetables, puff pastry pizzas, tramezzini or mini burgers to be enjoyed with a glass of wine (their wine menu draws mostly on the territory). There's also good ice cream made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.


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