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Lauren Desteno, the executive chef of the Marea, really knows how to bring out the true essence of the quality ingredients that she uses in her dishes, alongside her Francesco Grosso has used his palate and his knowledge to come up with a fantastic collection of wines. Start with grilled octopus, smoked potato radish, and chili, or a proper selection of oysters. The raw material is no matter of discussion and among the highlights, we recommend the Risotto di Aragosta with lobster, squash, saffron, chermoula, pistachio or the pan-seared sea scallop, pear, pine nut, endive, roasted garlic vinaigrette. The service is perfect, starting with the sommelier. The wine list, we said, is a dream, with a quality in particular on Italian white wines that’s hard to find in the best restaurants of Italy.


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