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This family restaurant opened in 1988 and has delivered since the first day the taste of Italy. You may start with two fine slices of prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella or a bite of proper grilled sausages. The pastas are always cooked to perfection and when the season makes them available, truffles are the true and intense ones, rightly proposed in the most classic ways: topping tagliolini pasta, and fried eggs alike. Among the meats, the lamb certainly stands out, together with the juicy venison, or a remarkable selection of cheeses, as well as a choice of extra virgin olive oils that are very hard to find in Italy such as very old balsamic vinegar. Domenico is an expert chef, Claudio Mancini is an excellent host and the same can be said of Giancarlo Clark, sommelier, and director of the cellar containing only delicious Italian wines, with 2,000 bottles, boasting meticulous skill and care. Italian cuisine around the world needs restaurants like this. In 2020 Mancini won the Guardian of Tradition Award, today we still believe this is the best Italian restaurant in Sweden. Don’t forget to try the homemade hazelnut gelato before leaving.


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Closed on Sundays
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