Maistrello Cafè

Pasticceria: /80 Servizio: 7 /10
: 7 /10

This popular pastry shop and café is large and modern. Here the color white dominates, though the atmosphere is never cold. There’s a counter dedicated to coffee and yeast-leavened breakfast sweets, and a longer one that showcases a rich range of mini pastries and cakes. Here the style is modern, especially when it comes to cakes and semifreddos, which feature skillfully balanced combinations and juxtapositions. An example is the Picasso, sponge cake with black tea, red berries, berry mousse and a heart of white chocolate mousse. It’s an excellent combination of aromaticity, sweetness and acidity. The aesthetic is pleasant, though a bit more finesse would provide the touch it deserves. Their petits fours are beautifully executed, with shortbreads and cream puffs standing out. A nice assortment of biscuits. At Carnival, we recommend their crunchy fried dough filled with everything from custard to hazelnut, Bronte pistachio, black cherry and zabaglione. Both their small, yeast-leavened sweets and the traditional classics are exquisite, like colombe, Venetian focaccia and especially their panettone. Technical skill, sourdough starter, quality butter and flours make it a successful product. Try the classic version (rich, fragrant and superbly soft) as well as variants with berries, with pears and chocolate or apricots and chocolate. Punctual and well-prepared service.

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