Le Follie di Romualdo

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Pizza price: da 8 a 15 euro

Reminiscent of a Parisian bistro, but the touch of red on the walls betrays the true soul of the pizza maker; the menu drastically reduces the proposal, with only 10 pies. Exceptional dough and high quality of the products used remain absolutely unchanged. We started with classics such as Marinara topped with San Marzano tomato (which in season is added fresh, not canned) and pink garlic. There’s also a selection of designer pizzas, already known to regulars, such as La Mia Napoli (with Cantabrian anchovies added after baking) or the fried L’Oro di Napoli. Separate chapter for the panuozzi, with Neapolitan ragù (old school) and Fuoco di Calabria with ‘nduja. Note on the wine list, with a selection of Champagne which many top restaurants could envy.

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sempre aperto solo la sera
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