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i pomeriggi di martedì e mercoledì


Quality and reliability are the keys to the success of this café, active in the heart of Monselice since 1975. Theirs is a traditional selection, a range of artisan specialties that attract aficionados every day thanks to their experience and the use of select ingredients. It's the right place to find an assortment of pastries, order a personalized cake or try a traditional dessert, such as the Emperor Frederick II cake (with almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts). Stop in even if you just want to start the day well, with a fragrant sweet roll (for example with cream and a sprinkling of sugar) and a nice coffee. A pleasant piece of news: the interior, adorned with marble and mirrors, has been reorganized to offer new seating with stools and high tables. Courteous service.


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i pomeriggi di martedì e mercoledì
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