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L'Arte in Cucina

Closing time:
Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Average price:
 € 50


The restaurant of Tuscan chef Gianluca Casini and his wife Carmelinana is running at full speed. This is one of the few Italian restaurant in Germany featuring an ever-changing menu, always looking for new paths. Intimate atmosphere, tastefully decorated interiors, warm and cosy setting and well-spaced out tables. The creative cuisine is influenced by Tuscan tradition, and great attention is paid to healthy eating and genuine ingredients. We’ve noticed a growing quality over the last months. Well-presented dishes, we suggest the pappardelle with wild boar ragout and the lamb with pistachios, pear mustard and honey compote. Gianluca plays a lot on the sweet side. Save some room for the tiramisu. Pretty classic wine selection. Great service and warm atmosphere. Vegeterian friendly.


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Closing days
Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Tuesday-Saturday: 6pm-10:30pm
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