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La Buca Degli Artisti

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 kr 470.0


The Lolli family has been running this restaurant for some time. The atmosphere is relaxed and the ambiance is warm and comfortable. Everything screams family restaurant and the dishes are a little corner of Italy exported to Copenhagen's Vanløse district. The first courses are good, made with homemade pasta and we recommend the Fettuccine with black truffle from Norcia or the Homemade gnocchi with spinach in butter and parmesan. As for the main dish, try the Venetian-style veal liver with onions and red wine vinegar or the Saltimbocca alla romana (Sirloin fillet with parma ham and sage). During the summer, book a table in the restaurant courtyard to make the experience even more enjoyable. Last but not least, we must point out a phenomenal, extensive, well-written, deep wine list. A true wine connoisseur dream!

Villa Sandi Best Contemporary Wine List Award 2023 in Copenhagen


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