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La Bettola di Terroni

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 $ 55.0


Terroni is considered the original Italian hangout in Toronto, with five locations around town it Cosimo Mammoliti and his family have created a choice of different food depending on the restaurant locations. It is all strictly and true Italian made with original produces that Cosimo ship from Italy regularly. We choose La Bettola because it enhances the best Italian style menu, a short version of the other restaurants that offer more variety in their menus. Chef Costantino maintains the essence of Terroni, the menu at La Bettola focuses on traditional Southern Italian dishes, made of no more than three or four ingredients. Curated by the Italian house chef and largely inspired by food seasonality, the menu has something for everyone. The wine selection offers an exclusive variety of classics and probably Toronto’s most unique selections of indigenous wines from all over Italy at a very good price point.


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