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L' Evoluzione del Gusto

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martedì; aperto solo la sera
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 da 5 a 12 euro


The name clearly expresses Igor Nurra's gastronomic vision, which is aimed at keeping up with the times, evolving, but always while maintaining a focus on quality. The choice of pizzas is vast, but always well grounded, as Igor's approach involves the careful study of cereals, flours and grinding methods. So it is that we find hemp flour, white spelt, multigrain and semi-whole wheat flour hosting carefully thought out toppings that draw on craftsmanship and a multitude of Slow Food Presidia. There are various shapes and sizes: a round "tasting" pizza classic Italian versions, or pizzas to go. A must is their delicious round pie topped with culatello and burrata from Puglia. There's also the exquisite Saporita with San Marzano tomatoes, tuna fillets, salted capers, Kalamata olives and sunny tomatoes. Well-made desserts follow, from tiramisu to millefeuille. Service is always up to the task, and there's no shortage of great burgers as well.


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Closing days
martedì; aperto solo la sera
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Csi, MCard, Visa, POS
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