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This welcoming shop, contemporary in style, serves as the lovely showcase for an assortment that has stood out for its excellent quality for decades now. And in fact, Daniele Allegro's L'Arte della Pasticceria will put a smile on your face right from the early morning, with its procession of always fragrant, puffy baked goods, sorted and divided into shapes, sizes and fillings. The valid selection of coffee is an added value worth taking into consideration, but here the protagonist is sourdough starter, which reigns supreme in the kitchen and is the pillar around which production revolves. It goes without saying, their approach shines best during the holidays, when you can appreciate colombe, panettone, pandoro and Venetian focaccia, all naturally free of preservatives or emulsifiers. There are various specialties worth noting, including the pandoro puff pastry, the lactose-free panettone (made with olive oil) and the savory version (with Taggiasca olives, dried tomatoes, anchovies and capers). Their whole selection of savory food is interesting, with tasty solutions to accompany their aperitif or for a lunch break. In the windows you'll also find large and mini pastries, dry pastries, macarons and meringues. Don't forget their cakes (both traditional and modern) and semifreddos. A part of the counter is dedicated to ice cream. Well-organized and efficient service.


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domenica pomeriggio in estate
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