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The curiosity of the Japanese leads them to have an extraordinary ability to listen and understanding. Keisuke Kuroda was in Italy in the late '80s, he was trained under Giorgio Pinchiorri in Florence, honing his knowledge in terms of wine. He took away the secrets of the big restaurant business and then started his own place in Japan, opening the Kurodino restaurant, followed by Kurodino 2. We are on the sixth floor of a building in the heart of the Ginza district, with refined ambiance and contrasting light and dark colors. The dishes are well presented and executed, even just a simple spaghetti cacio e pepe, with perfect sauces that accompany the meats. We recommend sauteed sweet bream with zucchini and edamame, turban liver and genovese sauce, bigoli with stewed hair crab and amanita caesarea androasted lamb meat with paprika and round meat stewed.The wine list is for true connoisseurs, with many French labels and lots of mature Italians. Strict conservation as well as wine service are made with love.


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