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Antonio Fresa is undoubtedly one of the greatest chefs in St. Petersburg. A young man who has traveled the world and many kitchens to find his home, finally, in St. Petersburg. His cuisine cannot be defined as Italian in the strict sense of the term, because it's rather the story of many different traditions, while cooking methods, so many ingredients, and a certain creativity really do bring us back home. As does the extraordinary homemade bread. In our visit we tasted extraordinary fried sweetbreads, very well executed orecchiette with turnip tops, with just the right amount of spiciness, and lamb chops cooked to perfection. Young atmosphere, wooden tables, decorative greenery, for a contemporary, stimulating, creative and successful bistro. The wine list is very stimulating thanks to a deep research and certain taste for indipendend and small growers. The selection available by the glass is brillint, the cantina hides a lof of less known gems. Villa Sandi Contemporary Wine List  Award 2021.


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