Io Osteria Personale

price/quality ratio: alto
Average Price: € 50  

Contemporary, efficient in the service, fun furnishings and well-presented, affordable (already the three tasting menus, starting at 42 euro for four plates, ranging up to the non-intangible roof of 58 euro for six dishes, represent a nice entry ticket), well-kept and somehow essential, with a map measured in the number of dishes offered and in the dose of creativity “loaded” in each. Some examples: the classic beef tartare, but “awakened” by amaranth popcorn, sweet garlic mayonnaise and porcini powder; the fried rice arancino with seafood that “mimics” a first course (like risotto) finished with a black thai sauce and wild fennel; or the vitello tonnato which changes consistency, bite (and final results) becoming “crisp”. Desserts are just as amusing. A meditated wine cellar – though not huge – and consistent with the food model. Courtesy without affectation.

Closing days:
domenica; aperto solo la sera
N. seats:
  • Csi, MCard, Visa, POS
  • Parking
  • Air conditioning
  • Services for disabilities
  • Pets welcome
  • Beer list
Rating year:
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