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This lively and welcoming café continues to serve food and drink of excellent quality, focusing on products made with organic ingredients, from coffee to desserts, lunchtime meals and aperitifs. When it comes to espresso, you can choose from various single-origin Arabica grinds (Honduras, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia and Brazil) skilfully brewed and served with courtesy together with any of a number of fragrant, tasty baked goods: croissants, muffins, plumcakes (with carrots or ricotta, or with pears and chocolate chips), slices of cake (the almond one is truly delicious) and biscuits (try those made with ancient grains, wild barley and jam). When it comes to savory foods they also offer a highly respectable selection, with various ideas both at lunchtime (first courses and salads are also available) and in the evening, when you can accompany your drink (choose from a small but well thought-out list of wines, beers and cocktails) with a tramezzino, pizza, wrap or toasted sandwich. The outdoor dining area has been expanded with a few more tables.


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