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Impronta Café

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A young place in terms of style, hospitality, and food, Impronta Café stands out in the city for its contemporary atmosphere. Rarely frequented by tourists (and for this reason much loved by Venetians), it's also a meeting place for students of the nearby Ca'Foscari University. Here morning smells like good coffee and cappuccinos, all accompanied by baked foods made by Stefano Viel, an appreciated local pastry chef. The kitchen, which opens as early as 11.30, gives rise to several variations of eggs and toast, moving on to a lunch menu with light and delicious dishes (for which the most appropriate glass of wine is also suggested) and snacks like toasted sandwiches, piade and hamburgers. The aperitif features appetizing "cicchetti" and a wide selection of wines from the bar, but there are also cocktails, among which their Spritzes stands out. At dinner the menu grows more sophisticated, with seasonal dishes (including seafood).


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