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Il Becco at Four Seasons

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 $ 1450.0


There’s no competition among the Italian fine dining restaurants in town. Il Becco at the Four Seasons Hotel is top notch. Located on the ground floor, it offers a refined cuisine based on quality ingredients well arranged by chef Tobìas Petzold, who has trained under very talented chefs like Mario Gamba in Munich, awarded Three Forks in our guide. You may start with some San Daniele ham with buffalo mozzarella or some fried zucchini flowers filled with ricotta cheese. Our highlight? Risotto. Both the seafood and the 36-month-aged Vacche Rosse parmigiano reggiano versions boasted a perfect texture and balanced flavors. The Mediterranean seabass was also noteworthy. The strong suits are the open kitchen, the elegant ambiance, the professional service, and the prices totally in line with the culinary experience. Vast wine list featuring the most prestigious labels from Tuscany, Piedmont, and much more.


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Open daily from 1pm to 11pm
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