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Harry's Bar is a national monument, and anyone passing through Venice must be able to say they've been there. It's the domain of Arrigo Cipriani, a lawyer and host (as he likes to define himself) who since 1932 has been creating his own personal style of hospitality, one that has become a veritable way of life. All the most famous figures of the 20th century passed through here, including artists, writers, politicians and anyone who's anyone. And here some of the most copied recipes in the world were invented, from carpaccio (not to be missed) to Bellini (with fresh peach puree). Moreover, here martinis are served in a frozen shot glass, described as "alla moda dell'Harry's" by anyone else in town who does it the same way. The kitchen is always open for the essentials, like sandwiches, meatballs or the delicious Pierini (toasted sandwiches cooked in butter "alla milanese"), followed by great classics like risotto Primavera or curry scampi. Their coffee could do with more attention, but the atmosphere makes it a negligible detail. In short, it's not a place to order a spritz.


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mercoledì e giovedì
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