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Closed on Sunday and Monday
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 $ 50


Warm lights, a stylish bar counter made of white marble, and a refined offer based on super quality raw ingredients. Graziella is among our favorite fine dining Italian experiences in town. First of all all we definitely love the wine list, very much well structured, with so many hidden gems, small vignerons and beautiful food friendly wines. From the kitchen we suggest the vitello tonnato, the grilled octopus and the perfectly cooked black cod. Be very hungry if you go for the substantial ossobuco served with safran risotto, less or no parsley on the meat would be preferable. At the begininng, enjoy of of the most fragrant and refinex extra virgin olive oil you can find in the Peninsula. Bread and grissini could need a little bit of improvement. Lastly, the very extensive selection of amari is simply impressive. Superb service.


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Closed on Sunday and Monday
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