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The winds of change are blowing at the pastry shop owned by Enrico Tedesco. The pandemic gave him a good reason to reboot, and so he decided to completely renovate the restaurant's interiors, turning the page with respect to the past. The restyling, which gives more space to displaying products and to the tasting room, is characterized by striking chromatic contrasts (white brings out the products and black confers elegance to tables and chairs), all linked by studied shades of blue and pink. The approach to making pastry is unchanged. It's still creative and natural, as harmonious in appearance as in flavor. There at least twenty types of mini pastries in their new showcase, including portions by the glass (the tiramisu is truly delicious) and different types of mousse, which anticipate their popular, modern cakes, a sector where Tedesco has achieved very high levels. The catalog also includes single-serving sweets, classic and made-to-order desserts, chocolate creations, biscuits and a delicious range of baked breakfast foods made with sourdough starter. The philosophy that guides their work in their kitchen is based on authenticity and sustainability, while the choice of ingredients increasingly centers on local and small, natural producers. Packaging draws on environmentally friendly materials. Service is made up of a young and close-knit team.


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