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One feels at home at Giandomenico Caprioli's place. Two slices of well-seasoned prosciutto and fassona tartare open the stomach. The cavatelli with sea urchins are good, even if the garlic is certainly not in the background. Equally tantalizing are the succulent paccheri with beef sauce. Among the classics, the revisitation of cacio e pepe with burrata and spring onion has been on the menu here for years. Among the mains we recommend the roast chicken, among desserts the "Giandoiotto," a delicious chocolate mousse. The great added value of the restaurant is a fabulous winery, masterfully crafted by Emanuele Berselli, one of the greatest wine connoisseurs encountered in our extensive travels abroad. There is good research and a selection process that has few equals in Italy, too. Of great depth, touching vintages dating back to the 1950s; brilliant and courageous choices. Perfect service.


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