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Situated near the Pieve di Soligo town center, there's always plenty of bustle in this pastry shop. The credit goes to a successful combination of a welcoming atmosphere, friendly service and the undisputed quality of their products, all superbly crafted. From morning on, when the aroma of freshly baked goods begins wafting through the air, it's a popular stop. Delicious fillings (jams, fruit or creams) will make you want to browse their croissants to your heart's content (there are also two-flavor variants, and dough with turmeric, linseed and chia). Those who want to indulge their sweet tooth can try the krapfen donut, overflowing with cream (including pistachio), and those who suffer from gluten intolerance can find equally tasty options, like their buckwheat and raspberry pie. The assortment of mini pastries (about twenty different kinds) and modern cakes demonstrate their skill and a desire to innovate without neglecting the classics. Personalized cakes to celebrate special moments are very popular, and sweets to celebrate various holidays, including traditional specialties and new additions, are also appreciated. Single-serving sweets, Italian holiday classics, biscuits and chocolate creations see to it that the adjacent kitchen, and its inspired, committed chief, Gianantonio Ceschin, are kept busy.


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domenica pomeriggio e martedì
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