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Situated in Piazza dei Signori (in front of the majestic Palladian Basilica), this historic café now has a new chef in the form of San Bonifacio's Matteo Grandi. When it comes to the interiors there are two pieces of news: a more rigorous and minimal outdoor dining area and an open kitchen, which offers views of the chefs at work both from inside the venue and from the street next to it. In terms of the products, great attention to detail is shown, starting with the choice of coffee (they use a custom blend created specifically by a young, modern roastery). For breakfast there are two menus: savory and sweet. You can order an omelette, eggs Benedict, or an avocado toast, or choose a light croissant with jam or cream, pain au chocolat, a veneziana, a slice of cake, or bread with butter and jam. Lunch relies on bistro dishes, the result of excellent ingredients combined with great technique. There's also the gourmet restaurant on the first floor, Matteo Grandi in Basilica. Elena Lanza, Matteo's wife, is in charge of the dining room, the excellent tea service and the line of desserts. Her fresh and rigorously seasonal creations convince for their balance and beauty. The aperitif surprises, with cocktails accompanied by well-mixed originals like the Mexico with love (Tequila, saffron, lemon and rosemary).


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