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Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar

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Open daily for lunch and dinner
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 $ 200


To get a glimpse of the collection of labels Roberto Galetti has built over time, you could order a wine from 1937 or a Sassicaia from one of the thirty vintages present in the list. This historic venue boasts a beautiful counter where guests can enjoy perfectly mixed cocktails, among the best in town, or order a bottle from a collection of 12,000. Antonio Valentini, Wine Director & Restaurant manager is a perfect host. We tasted an excellent Wagyu Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan cheese and rocket Salad, and then the war horse of the house: Osso Buco Garibaldi braised Wagyu beef cheek, Bone Marrow with saffron Risotto. Great drinking, even by the glass.


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Open daily for lunch and dinner
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