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A pleasant pastry shop with modern furnishings, Gambarato offers an intimate setting with a few tables and attentive, fast service that aptly manages the flow of customers. To the left is their long counter, which displays (in order) a space for wrapping and boxing, their mini and dry pastries, baked breakfast goods and the café section. It's a valid stop for breakfast, thanks to a wide assortment of baked goods that vary for the doughs used and flours, and fillings that satisfy both traditionalists (jam, cream, chocolate and pistachio) and those looking for something more original. Think about trying their brioche cheesecake, the peach and amaretti version or their citrus fruit sticky bun (the wholemeal versions are also delicious, both the variant with pears and with orange and ginger). Their baked goods are well made, especially the soft and moist plumcake (the citrus fruit is highly pleasant), while among their mini pastries, we recommend the cestino with cream and fruit (it's made with tasty cream, fresh seasonal fruit and an imperceptible veil of jelly). The cakes (both traditional and modern versions) reveal expert hands and good technical skills. In the summer mousse and layered creations prevail, like the nicely balanced, raspberry and pistachio cake.


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lunedì pomeriggio; in estate tutti i pomeriggi
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