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If Hamburg is the Venice of Germany, Corrado de Falco is the finest of gondoliers. Starting from the wine cellar, and what a wine cellar! Cult bottles, plus cases upon cases of Masseto, Sassicaia and other historic labels with incredible depth in vintages and variety of sizes.  Wine is present in every corner of the restaurant; the overall atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed.   Of Sicilian origin, Corrado is a manic Indiana Jones-type when it comes to sourcing quality ingredients. His kitchen relies on fine extra virgin olive oil of Monti Iblei hills surrounding Ragusa; meats hail from a small breeder that raises free-range grass fed Modicana cattle. Perfectly dry aged, the meat cuts lend special aromas and flavours. The ravioli with pears and sage, and the olive oil sorbet were divine, but don’t forego the fresh black truffle dishes. The best part of Italy shines in the kitchen.


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