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Futura Neapolitan Pizza

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 € 20.0


We recently returned to talented Alessandro Leonardi's place, opened together with singer-songwriter Alex Uhlmann. Here guests breathe a typical Berlin atmosphere, poor but sexy, no frills but with excellent service. Meals open with three montanarine (yellow, red and green-topped fried pizza dough) fried to perfection, non oily and fragrant, with tasty and incisive toppings. The Provola & Pepe pizza, with yellow Corbara tomatoes, smoked provola, pepper and basil is applause-worthy. The Mediterranea goes beyond expectations, with green cherry tomatoes from Corbara, fiordilatte from Monti Lattari mountains, tuna fillets and red Tropea onion. The big news is a new dough for their pizza alla pala, baked in an electric oven, with a fragrance and flavour nothing short of extraordinary, available in 5 classic versions, also for take-out. The beverage list is great with some true oenological gems. Awarded Pizzeria of the Year in the Top Italian Restaurants 2020 and 2022 guide.


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