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mercoledì pomeriggio; in stagione sempre aperto


An unbroken history of family management (more than 120 years since its founding) has made this Cadore café one of the most renowned in the Belluno Dolomites. Their pastries have always been faithful to tradition and to the recipes handed down from generation to generation (an example is the Sacher, prepared as grandfather Giovanni did, using a chocolate ganache to make it soft on the surface), but the food on offer has also kept up with the times, always managing to satisfy customers' desires. The venue is popular both for its excellent breakfasts, enlivened by fragrant baked goods, and by smooth, well-balanced coffee and cappuccinos, and for its lively happy hour, made delectable by an enticing range of savory treats and by a commendable list of wines by the glass. Pleasant furnishings and courteous service do the rest.


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mercoledì pomeriggio; in stagione sempre aperto
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