Osteria Ferrara

Average Price: € 40  

Osteria Ferrara is a certainty for Parisian gourmets, a point of reference for fans of Italian cuisine. Over the years Sicilian native chef Fabrizio Ferrara, has managed to make simple dishes, marrying a simple, traditional and sincere style, made of refined ingredients available according to the seasons. Fabrizio’s preparations combine classicism in a contemporary way, they are humble dishes that narrate the variety of Italy’s regional cuisine. It’s therefore easy to find on the menu caponata with burrata, veal with tuna sauce, risotto made with vialone nano or spaghetti with clams, a selection of aged Italian cheeses and pudding desserts. Here ingredients are worked very well and that’s why those who come to this restaurant know exactly what to expect. The wine list is also beautiful, full of national references.

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