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A family tradition of baking that goes back more than a hundred years (first only bread, the desserts came later). Still today, at Ferracina they work with the same passion, superb technique and excellent ingredients, making for an assortment of foods that continues to stand out for its high quality. At breakfast you may find it difficult to choose from the wide range of baked goods and toppings, and it's not easy to wrap your head around the infinite expanse of mini pastries. A dutiful special mention for their amazing custard: supple, silky and soluble, in the mouth the fatness of the eggs disappears, leaving room only for the fragrance of vanilla. Its best married with a masterfully puffed croissant or their tasty cannoli, a great classic done so well here that you never get tired of them. There's always room for new creations. Try, for example, the excellent Crema Maritozzo, a very soft vanilla scented dough enriched with abundant and fresh whipped cream. Orange and chocolate, marron glacé and chocolate, lemon, vanilla and extra virgin olive oil are just some of the appealing flavors of the soft plumcakes that embellish their desserts showcase. But savory foods aren't lacking either, nor do they disappoint expectations: both their sandwiches and stuffed savory croissants are delicious. Service that's up to the task.


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lunedì pomeriggio; in estate anche domenica pomeriggio
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