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If what you’re seeking is solid, authentic and no-nonsense Italian cuisine, then none of the three places owned by Fabbio will disappoint. It all started in the Saxogade district where Famo opened. The prix fixe menu changes daily with a classic four-course Antipasto, Primo, Secondo and Dolce offer. The wine list is condensed but includes the most significant denominations and includes sensible amounts of enjoyable wines. The strong points are the pasta, which is often homemade; the tasty and genuine traditional appetizers and entrees like trippa alla romana and vitello tonnato. The uber-Italian ingredients are delivered twice-daily. Since the formula works, Famo Carne opened in the Kongevej district, and whose name betrays focus on the Italian meat cooking tradition. In the Østerbro neighbourhood is also Famo Metro, opened in 2010 with tables overlooking the lake.

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