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Situated along a main artery, Fabris has long been an essential stop for local gourmands and those who happen to find themselves passing along the route that runs from Cadore to the coast. It's managed by siblings Stefano and Cristina Fabris, who are successfully carrying on a family tradition that began with their parents, Antonio and Paola (the business's founders). All it takes is a look at the display counter by the entrance to get a sense of the shop's elegant and balanced style, a sensation that's confirmed when tasting their mini pastries, macarons and single-serving treats. In the morning, there are small baked goods puffed to perfection, all different sizes and fillings: from croissants with abundant apricot jam, to sticky buns with a soft heart of almond paste, and chocolate dough sweet rolls topped with caramel and fleur de sel. Among their cakes, modern in style, you'll find the timeless Montecarlo, made with a chocolate biscuit base and two chocolate mousses (white and dark) separated by a thin layer of almond brittle. Those who prefer the classics will find satisfaction in their Black Forest, made to perfection. Chocolate (in the cold months) and classic holiday specialties (not only at Easter and Christmas) are among their flagship products. Their ice cream and savory offerings are also pleasant.


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lunedì; in estate anche domenica pomeriggio
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