Era Ora

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Era Ora was the first restaurant we awarded as Restaurant of the Year in our first edition of the Guide. This is the realm of the best Italian flavours and ingredients, starting from vegetables, aromatic herbs, incredible sensitivity to spiciness. Elvio Milleri met his wife in this place, Edelvita Dos Santos entered as a customer and never left. In the kitchen the great talent of Antonio di Criscio, a creative Puglia chef with his feet firmly planted on the ground. In our last visit, we tasted cappello del prete with sweetbread crumble, myrtle and a dreamy pear finish, as well as goose porchetta with porcini mushrooms and black sea bass, with turnip greens in a fermented beetroot broth, delicately acidic and spicy. The winery is worth a visit, Elvio’s boundless passion has led him to collect almost 90,000 bottles of Italian wine only, many of which in magnums, as part of a list that thrives on impulses and real instincts rather than articulated reasoning. The dishes are designed starting from the wine, the quality of the combinations in this place reaches peaks of sensitivity and precision rarely seen even in Italy. And enjoy the real taste of bread. An all-round experience.

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