Enoteca Al Risanamento

price/quality ratio: alto
Average Price: € 30  

Since Bologna is Bologna, and since it’s a preclusive university – the oldest of all – the concept of “Restoration” and the object of wine in the university area has always had serious points of contact. Of course, not as refined as the one put up by this shop––also selling onlin––and a wine bar with a very wide selection, 2,000 pieces, solid national framework and beautiful French section. Alongside a two-faced gastronomic proposal: the “cold” – from the well-chosen bufala mozzarella, with or without Cantabrian anchovies, to the magret de canard in salad – and the “hot”, from the prevailing (and somewhat exotic) Tuscan accent, seen traveling from ribollita to tortello and from Florentine-style tripe to cuttlefish in Zimino. Casual service.

Closing days:
domenica; sabato a pranzo e domenica da giugno ad agosto
N. seats:
  • Csi, MCard, Visa, POS
  • Parking
  • Pets welcome
  • Beer list
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