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Enoiteca Bar Breda

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lunedì mattina e domenica


Situated in the city center, this historic venue is characterized by a traditionally Venetian atmosphere and a menu that's always in step with the times. Their 100% Arabica coffee has sweet, delicate and long aromas. In the morning it pairs nicely with their small selection of delicious breakfast pastries. The many wines on offer are capable of satisfying all types of palates and attracting even the most curious oenophiles. Excellent canapés, sandwiches (panini and tramezzini) are prepared by Gabriella, who makes sure they're always varied, well-crafted and tasty, ideal for a break or to accompany an aperitif. White and multi-grain bread is stuffed with cured meats, fish and vegetables, delicious combinations like cooked ham, egg, mustard and cucumber, octopus, potatoes and chilli, or herbs, egg and Tropea onion. The black bread, avocado and salmon canapé is perfect with a nice glass of full-bodied bubbly. Courtesy and helpfulness are top priorities.


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lunedì mattina e domenica
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