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aperto solo la sera
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 da 5.50 a 14 euro


El Gringo has a new location, one that's modern in style, with linear, design furnishings that combine glass, metal and wood. It's divided into three welcoming areas: the room near the kitchen, which features a large cedarwood table, and two smaller rooms. You can choose from the various, carefully-leaved doughs that Livio Mancini prepares using select flours: there's the classic (stone-ground, organic, type 1 flour), a version with highly hydrated Roman-style dough, wholemeal spelt dough, and their yeast-free dough (made with biga that ferments spontaneously). And then there's their "Maritozzo salato", made with ancient grains and durum wheat semolina flour. It's soft inside and very crunchy on the outside. The toppings are sophisticated, tasty and balanced, like the "Burrata e datterino" pizza (baked datterini tomatoes, burrata stracciatella and rocket puree) or the Polpo (fiordilatte mozzarella, black pepper pecorino fondue, slow-cooked octopus and potatoes). It's all accompanied by a fine selection of Italian craft beers and natural wines. Laid-back atmosphere, friendly service.


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aperto solo la sera
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Csi, MCard, Visa, POS
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