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Don Alfonso 1890

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 $ 150.0


What panoramic view! Don Alfonso 1890 is the perfect place for a romantic dinner in a classy and elegant restaurant. The excellent Carpaccio of Ontario wagyu beef tenderloin served with dijon mustard sauce, balsamic vinegar caviar, piedmont hazelnuts, and fresh wild herbs is an excellent way to start dinner. As for the pasta dish we recommend the Vermicelli allo Sgombro: Vermicelli pasta, carpione style mackerel, sicilian pine nuts, caramelized onions, and alalunga tuna purée or, for the main courses, the bison wrapped in layered Swiss chard, buffalo mozzarella, salsa verde, san marzano tomato and red chili, well cooked and paired. In closing, Neapolitan sfogliatelle and a proper espresso. High class service. We noticed quite an upgrade compared to our previous visit.


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