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For over 50 years, the surname on the shop's sign has been synonymous with high quality and a passion for sweets. Dino Pettenò was born a chocolatier and pours his mastery into the production of pralines, bars and truffles, made with prized cocoa and always offered in excellent, original and balanced combinations. The pastries, sophisticated and impeccably prepared, are certainly no less good. Their traditional Venetian desserts are made to perfection, but let yourself be tempted by the versions made with chocolate as well. Here it takes center stage in sumptuous cakes, light mousses and silky creams, tops mini pastries, fills cream puffs and fried dough. Don't miss their cakes. The Delizia di Bronte (a flour-free and soft cookie base, ricotta mousse, Sicilian pistachio cream and caramelized salted pistachios) stands out, as does the L'Appassionata (sponge cake, white chocolate mousse flavored with Madagascar vanilla and a layer of passion fruit) and the super chocolaty Vivaldi. Excellent ice cream (strictly natural), pies, baked cakes and savory foods, like tramezzini and toasted sandwiches. For special occasions, they offer the classics (Venetian focaccia, panettone and colombe). The second location is situated at 11 via San Donà.


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