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Frank, with a pure instinct and a fierce passion for fine drinking. Transplanted to Paris, young Lucca-born Michele Farnesi combines his experiences with great French chefs with authentic Italian flavors and textures in his mini bistro in Belleville. He loves sharp contrasts, pronounced flavors, and strong contrasts: in a nutshell, the taste of challenge. Distinctive and well-balanced land-sea flavor combination, the dishes are superb, even if showcasing marriages of a great deal of ingredients. The wine list is taken care of by Federico and his hard work, you'll also find the Dilia La Cave wine shop in rue Etienne Dolet. Direct import and excellent research on small producers and age-worthy wines. In our last visit, we experienced a magnificente reintrepation of the pasta e fagioli dish, a memorable match between a smoked mackerel and a meat-beat souce, and a gourmand lamb. We believe this is the best Italian-style bistrot in town.


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Closing days
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
On Mondays open for dinner only
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