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Pure instinct, pouty and frank, a passion for a good drink. Michele farnesi is a purebred Tuscan, a Lucca native transplanted to Paris. For us he is the best Italian chef in town. In his mini bistro in Belleville he combines the lessons learned during his experiences under great French chefs with very Italian flavours and textures. He loves sharp contrasts, rich flavours, defined contrasts: he loves the taste of challenge. In our last visit we had some amazing beetroot gnocchi with oysters and mind-blowing ravioli with black truffles shaved on top. Plus an impeccable and memorable lièvre à la royale. Sooner or later we will return for his tripe, a very rare dish on the menu. The flavours are incisive, well balanced, the land-sea combinations are amusing, the dishes are extraordinary even in the presence of many ingredients. Michele is very young and loves good, artisanal wine, the wine list proves this thanks also to the hard work of Mirko Favalli. Remember that Michele Farnesi was awarded as Chef of the Year in 2019. In October Michele and Mirko relaunched the challenge by opening a delightful wine shop, Dilia La Cave in rue Etienne Dolet. Direct import and excellent research on small producers and wines with long aging.

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