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One of Italy's leading pastry chefs, Denis Dianin is a well-known and established professional, known for approaching both sweet and savory baked goods with technique, research and perfectionism. Even if here in his Selvazzano location the food on offer has expanded over the past year to include a menu for lunch, dinner and a high-level aperitif with cocktails and wines, its beating heart lies with sweets. The long counter showcases a large selection of mini pastries reminiscent of jewels in their sophistication (one is called exactly that, the "Mascarpone Jewel"). And then there are the single-serving treats, which range from shortbread to semifreddos designed for every season. All the cakes are delicious, including the new Mimosa 2.0, a Bavarian cream cake with vanilla and Tonka bean and a creamy heart of sage and basil adorned by exotic fruits—it's a perfect marriage of flavors and textures. Their assortment of Italian holiday classics now covers the whole year: in addition to pandoro and colombe, you'll find bussolà and panettone available in delicious summer versions, and their Coccole. Their "invero" pastries (in jars) are always charming, with the legendary rum baba standing out. The classy shop is also equipped with an open kitchen and shelves full of gourmandises.


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Miglior Pasticceria salata 2022
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lunedì pomeriggio
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