Del Cambio

price/quality ratio: medio
Average Price: € 120  

The environment is unique: from the mirrors of the Risorgimento room to the outside space with a view of the first Italian Parliament, up to the 17th-century walls of a cellar with amazing (some of which unique) resources, recommended by an impeccable service. In the kitchen, Matteo Baronetto is the author of one of the cleanest, most innovative and respectful contemporary cuisines, finding new nuances and contrasts between bitter and acid and fermentations. The three tasting menus satisfy everyone: Piemonte (110 euro), with the classics, Nel Tempo (125 euro), Improvvisazione ragionata (135 euro), freehand, that’s even more interactive if you book the Chef’s table (270 euro). Also on the à la carte menu are tradition and innovation as two thematic mantras to choose freely from, expressions of a much wider project that goes beyond time and people, because “Del Cambio will exist even after me”.

Closing days:
domenica sera, lunedì e martedì a pranzo
N. seats:
  • Tutte
  • Air conditioning
  • Outdoor tables
  • Services for disabilities
  • Available menu for children
  • Pets welcome
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