Pasticceria: /80 Servizio: 8 /10
: 7 /10

For more than 20 years, Carlo Pozza’s Davenicio, an orderly, well-maintained café situated off the beaten track, has been popular with lovers of gourmet sweets. The pastry chef’s great technique is evident just by looking at his creations: they’re beautiful, precise, revealing painstaking work and unwavering attention, as can be seen from the impeccable layering. The ability to manage sugar content in favor of full, distinctive flavors is just as important. A must is their pistachio gateau: soft amaretto with delicate pistachio Bavarian cream—highly delectable, you’ll never tire of it. A stop for a delicious breakfast is also recommended. Sumptuous croissants and krapfen are made with doughs that are soft as a cloud, a sign of masterful leavening, and their fragrance and aroma testify to the use of quality ingredients. The difficult period reduced their daily production of mini pastries and cakes, like the excellent cremino, a crumbly and tasty shell of glazed almonds brimming with vanilla custard. However mini pastries, cakes and croissants with fillings in a convenient piping bag can be purchased to order through their web portal or app. There are also delicious variations of their classic panettone, made to perfection, as well as a sumptuous savory version.

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