Dal Cavaliere

Average Price: € 40  

Traditional, genuine, ‘autentico’. Everything, starting from the cheese to the pasta or to the espresso, is authentically Italian, Neapolitan to be precise. The place is a sum of the history of the d’Orta-di Vincenzo owners’ family who opened the trattoria in 1987. Diego and Daniele take care of everything, tha atmosphere is lively and friendly, with tables closed to each other and overall a warm vibe. Pastas are cooked perfectly al dente. There’s Naples’ sensibility in the strict execution of the paccheri, the flavors are intense as they shoud be, naturally sweet tomatoes and fragrant basils. Pasta provola e patate is a must as well the orecchiette with sausages. No frills but much substance and sapore. Quality meats and the house pizzas, which are fragrant and perfectly baked, complete the package. The wine list is well-stocked with many Campania labels and other virtuoso wine makers of other regions who work under sustainable criteria. We confirm our opinion, this is the best trattoria in Munich. We’re looking forward to test Lapizza, the new family’s project which will take over around the end of February.

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