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Da Vittorio

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 ¥ 1800


The Cerea family's experience in China is proceeding smoothly, which began on the right foot in June 2019 with this beautiful restaurant overlooking the Bund. We were impressed by the quality of the cuisine, perfectly guided by young and talented chef Stefano Bacchelli, who has been working with the group for several years. We recommend a few of the great historical dishes, such as the fantastic paccheri alla Vittorio (with tomato sauce) or an impeccable seafood risotto. The Jiang-Su roasted pigeon, and cauliflower is sublime. Service appears to have had time to carburate; while the wine list is well-shaped. Da Vittorio is our 2020 Restaurant of the Year. In spring 2021 a new bistro will open in Shanghai in the Ucca contemporary art centre.


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