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Da Fiore

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domenica tutto il giorno e lunedì a pranzo
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Da Fiore is one of Venice's most well-known restaurants—a picture-perfect experience, really, if you think of its most coveted table, situated on a balcony overlooking a canal (it needs to be booked well in advance). Inside there's the classic dining area where for four decades the Martin family have welcomed guests, especially those in search of traditional seafood. There's not too much in the way of creativity, but the dishes are on point and the ingredients superb: a mixture of raw food, creamed cod, bigoli in sauce, crispy octopus, and mixed fried fish from the market. The Venetian-style liver is right up there. Tasting menus are available at €150 and €170. Their deep wine cellar includes important bottles from Italy and France. There's also a serious menu of grappas, Cognacs and whiskeys. Service that's up to the task.


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domenica tutto il giorno e lunedì a pranzo
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Csi, MCard, Visa, POS
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