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Chalet Tofane

Closing time:
martedì sera e mercoledì tutto il giorno; sempre aperto in alta stagione
Pizza prices:
 da 6.50 a 13.50 euro


We find Chalet Tofane not far from the Cortina town center, right at the entrance to the ski slopes at the foot of the Tofane Dolomites. Graziano Prest, chef and owner of the Tivoli restaurant, and sommelier Kristian Casanova have made this welcoming mountain chalet a nice stop for pizza lovers. Here they bake excellent round pies, tasty and light, made with mixed doughs (the percentage of brewer's yeast is minimal) leavened at length. Quality ingredients characterize both their flours (organic semi-wholemeal stone-ground from a historic Venetian mill), and toppings, which focus on excellent local products. One notable example is the Cortina 2021, a white pizza with Ampezzo potatoes, smoked oil, Fodom (a traditional cheese produced in the nearby Livinallongo del Col di Lana valley) and pancetta with pepper. Finding the right beverage won't be a problem, as the cellar is rich on all fronts, from craft beers to wines (including plenty of prestigious bottles). They also offer other, nicely presented dishes, all while staying close to tradition.


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martedì sera e mercoledì tutto il giorno; sempre aperto in alta stagione
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AE, Csi, MCard, Visa, POS
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