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The shop led by pastry chef Ivan Centeleghe together with his wife, Serena Nauva (he in the kitchen, she waiting on customers), continues to deliver pleasant surprises. A radical renovation project involving renovation of the spaces and interesting new products is planned for autumn 2021. A constantly evolving pâtisserie, from year to year it hones the assortment of foods on offer while remaining faithful to its original identity. The result is a never banal repertoire that varies so as to bring out seasonal ingredients while experimenting with new recipes. At breakfast, in addition to the classics (excellent sweet rolls and croissants, naturally leavened and always very fresh), you'll find their highly enjoyable (and popular) maritozzi with various fillings. The cakes are masterfully executed, from freshly made millefeuille to personalized desserts for special occasions, "credenza" cakes (they'll keep well in your pantry), modern versions, and even single-serving sweets. The Nosela pie, made with corn flour and Alpago hazelnuts, pays tribute to the territory. Their mini pastries and classic holiday specialties are commendable, while their assortment of savory foods is becoming increasingly intriguing, with gourmet sandwiches accompanied by French croissants and stuffed focaccias. Various artisan food products are displayed on the shelves in convenient and pleasant packaging: biscuits, puff pastries, sbrisolona (with almonds or chocolate) and, in winter, chocolate creations.


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