Casin del Gamba

Average Price: € 80  

A long, award-winning “career” as one of the area’s most prominent restaurants, together with a menu that nicely covers seasonal options (on a rotating basis, obviously), a list of classics and an “open” menu that allows guests to choose from the dishes available, all make Casin a sure bet in the minds of its patrons. There’s everything from hanger steak (beef diaphragm), a dish that’s as courageous as it is tasty, to grilled ox heart with green asparagus “al caciopepe” (reinvented and topped with smoked pepper and radish), to the complex rooster broth with licorice, porcini mushrooms, roe deer biltong, rhubarb and pumpkin flower, to the delicious hazelnut cake with rosolio and gianduia mousse. A solid wine list and experienced, courteous service increases the pleasure of a meal here.

Closing days:
lunedì tutto il giorno, martedì a pranzo e domenica sera
N. seats:
  • AE, Csi, MCard, Visa, POS
  • Parking
  • Outdoor tables
  • Services for disabilities
  • Pets welcome
Rating year:
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