Casa Tua

Average Price: $ 70  

Casa Tua is probably the only restaurant in Miami that by choice of the founders Michele Grendene and Leticia Herrera doesn’t present the sign on the street. You’ll find a very elegant house, hidden among the trees, that hides a prestigious gastronomic soul. There’s an eye for quality, just look at the textures. Michele Esposito is among the top chefs in town. During our last visit we had the linguine alla Nerano, cooked to the point, with a great balance of flavors thanks to two different selections of Parmigiano Reggiano (red cow and 36 months) perfectly blended with tasty zucchini and fragrant scents of basil. The risotto with Genoese pesto,burrata and raw red shrimps from Mazara del Vallo was a remarkable one: creamy, al dente, top quality acquerello rice. The wine list is refined and deep. The outside patio it will remind you of an Italian villa. A perfect and professional service completes the package.


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