Casa Perbellini

Average Price: € 210  

It’s clear that Giancarlo Perbellini was already an established chef before the 2015 opening of his ‘home’ in Piazza San Zeno. But since the founding of this concept restaurant, unprecedented in the country, he’s spawned a veritable network, adding locations both in the city and beyond. Six years later (including the recent, difficult period) Casa Perbellini continues to prove its excellence. Here, with the support of sous-chef Simone Tricarico, the Veronese chef revels in his work, churning out first-rate dishes for twenty or so guests. There’s never been a better time for a visit. Enjoy the “Assaggi” (“tastes”) menu at €175, which strikes the perfect alchemy with almost completely Italian fare—apparently normal recipes exhibit unprecedented balance, like lobster, potato and oxalis, or mezze maniche pasta with garlic, oil, chilli pepper, razor clams and parsley. A good vegetarian menu is also available. Two super professionals make sure that the experience is fluid yet not too formal: Barbara Manoni and sommelier Mauro Matta, who knows how to identify the right wine from a rich, sophisticated cellar that includes local and international selections.

Closing days:
lunedì e domenica tutto il giorno
N. seats:
  • Tutte
  • Parking
  • Air conditioning
  • Services for disabilities
  • Available menu for vegetarians
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